Customized Training & Development

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One Team One Purpose

Customer Empathy Training

When everyone is ALL-IN customer empathy becomes reality, mission statements are achieved, values are lived and purposes are fulfilled. Empathy Training gets everyone on the same page working together towards a shared meaning.

The side graph illustrates the Empathy Training we provide to assist team members to identify the feeling, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of customers through their own perspective of what the customer is experiencing.

Leadership Visioning Workshop

The Visioning Workshop is a 4-hour session is designed to bring management together to create their own vision and discover the steps necessary to achieve that vision. The result is unique to each organization because the vision created by each member of management. The visioning process brings together the long term staff and newest members of management. The purpose of this process is to collaborate as many ideas and opportunities for future success from the group to determine the specific actions necessary to achieve the goals. The vision is a living management document that begins by defining a shared commitment, providing a mutual direction, creating a framework to establish goals and objectives, and helping the organization to optimize the best use of its resources. The visioning process is designed to guide the management team to provide the input, decide on  the goals, objectives, and action steps that they want to take in order to realize the vision that they have created for themselves.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

It’s often said that no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the relationship business. Our ability to control our emotions can have an enormous impact on our personal and professional relationships. By noticing our feelings, we can regulate reactions within ourselves and responses towards others. High emotional intelligence measures the ability to decipher complex and complicated emotions within ourselves and in others, along with the ability to understand the interactions between both. Managing emotions at work can be challenging.  Today, leaders need to possess the skills that resolve conflict and effetely influence appropriate behaviors.  Highly engaged employees create passionate work environments that can escalate frustration and added stress to relationships.  With proper emotional intelligence training, leaders can manage emotions to create a more positive work environment that builds team collaboration.

Effective Communication Training

Good communication is the ability to convey meaning from the sender (verbal, visual, written) to the receiver (listener, audience, reader). However mixed messaging occurs from different interpretations of the context behind the content.  Through HBP programs good communicators develop the skills needed to acquire the necessary empathy of the audience to earn the trust needed to receive the message.