Training & Development

All to often organizations develop their teams through a culture of Management and Staff vs. Customers.  We believe that this premise, especially in the Hospitality Industry is to miss the point.  We have all been customers and know what it’s like when someone is politely evasive or faking it making us feel undervalued.  When we take the Customer Perspective we become truly empathetic to their individual situational needs, wants and requirements.  All of the Training Programs we provide are based on this principle and the scientific evidence to back it up.



The development of sound corporate and business strategies is essential to the survival of any organization. Our consultants, supported by their extensive experience working to develop and redevelop business structures, offer strategy advice to clients seeking to improve their business performance and grow.  We possess a comprehensive breadth of experience in all areas of hospitality management operations and provide practical, actionable, and cost effective strategies and solutions. Our professionals are able to analyze and offer recommendations to enhance operational performance and guest enjoyment. Whether standard operating procedures need review and restatement, hiring procedures and practices could use assessment and revision, corporate culture needs a third-party advisor to improve the operation’s delivery of services, Our assessments and programs bring practical operations management solutions to improve performance.


Executive Coaching
The need for effective coaching has increased exponentially in the past few years. As a leader are your relationship, communication and presence styles at a level to lead. HBP provides leaders with the development they need to rise to the challenges and maximize the opportunities facing their organization now and in the future.

Team Coaching
Teams collaborate to achieve high level success. This requires a level of trust amongst the team to synergize relationships, processes, communication and goal setting. The results of the team are measured in outputs, deliverables, outcomes, and contributions to the organization. Efforts spent on individual development, interpersonal connections, and the team dynamic determine the level of success.


Customer driven cultures have become a niche competitive advantage.

The gradual decline of customer service over recent years has created excellent opportunities to provide differentiation amongst the competition and distinction in a company’s brand. Creating a customer driven company culture creates a hub centered around the important role team members play in establishing customer service excellence through understanding the customer experience, beyond stereotypes and false assumptions

Customer touch points are everywhere in your organization. Designing a successful service strategy hinges on understanding what you want to do for your customers, what your customers expect, and the business impact of these actions. Learn the principles that develop common purpose, a deep understanding of your customers' expectations, and understanding their economic impact. Through activities and experiences uncover the quality standards you need to drive discussion within your organization to design a strategy for culture of excellence.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Exceptional service is not just about the employees delivering the service. It is important to understand how aligning your employees, your physical place, and your company processes make the difference in how service is received by your customers. Develop an understanding of the intersection of people, place, and process and how these aspects contribute to the consistent delivery of an exceptional experience.